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Our Ecosystem

This ecosystem consists of these elements:

A multi-chain marketplace serving as a commercial distribution hub for digital assets.

  • Multiple play-and-earn possibilities using gamification and blockchain technology to turn everyday-life activities into gaming experiences.

  • A high-quality metaverse uniting all the elements of our ecosystem in one digital entity.


Roya Drive

Multiple play-and-earn possibilities using gamification and blockchain technology to turn everyday-life activities into gaming experiences.

With approx. 3.2 billion active gamers worldwide, gaming has taken its place as one of the most popular free time activities in today’s society. The industry has grown significantly and e-sport players as well as streamers have even managed to make a living in this emerging sector. Nevertheless, there are 8 billion people on this planet and not everyone has the capacities to play the whole day. We drive to work, we go to school, we cook our food, we exercise, we socialize. But now, imagine there was a way to earn monetary rewards for every activity you do everyday. By combining blockchain technology and gamification, we are aiming to gamify our physical life activities and create a sustainable earning model.

Roya Marketplace

Roya Edition is our own multi-chain NFT-marketplace which will serve as the commercial distribution hub in our blockchain ecosystem.

Assets which will be used in our crypto gaming experiences as well as in our metaverse will be dropped and traded right here. The same goes for curated drops by famous artists, brands and companies in our Royalabs Web3 accelerator. It also works as a regular NFT-marketplace where every individual can mint and sell their own NFTs which are not part of the Roya ecosystem.

We have built a marketplace worthy of high quality assets, but at the same time so simple for it to be used by everyone. With our intuitive user interface and impeccable design we have made our marketplace attractive and accessible. Also, features like our slow-mint function support creators by minting their digital assets and letting them pay their gas fees after the sale.
 At Roya we stand for inclusion because this is the one and only path to mass adoption.


Our Metaverse will be a space with endless possibilities with the highest quality environment in matters of design, content, and community. Let your imagination flow freely and emerge yourself into the Royaverse. A symbiosis of luxurious design and breathtaking sceneries, a space where the digital and physical world are almost impossible to be distinguished from one another. There will be no limit to the worlds we can create and no barriers in between as we can simply shift between them.

A universe marked by excellence where everyone can define their purpose in their digital lives.

A purpose in life makes our lives matter and at Roya we want your digital lives to actually matter. For this to happen we need to take a closer look at the main aspects which add value to our physical lives and transfer them to our digital ones. Individual contentment, social interactions and economic stability are three of the main factors which create value for us every day. As humans, we need to be happy with ourselves by feeling free to make decisions based on our personal strengths and priorities (individual contentment).

Finally, accessibility is the most important feature and the one we are working on the hardest. We will build a digital space which is accessible to everyone.

No matter the technical equipment, the internet connection or economic resources. Our mission is to create a digital realm where everyone around the globe can be included. To make this mission a success, we have assembled a team of avant-garde specialists in the fields of blockchain, computer graphics and digital design to create the Royaverse, the metaverse for everyone.

We Take Pride in Our 3 Year Number Estimates


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Our Partners


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Our Team

The house of Roya is built around a well-oiled team of highly skilled tech entrepreneurs, art directors, designers, and artists from Scandinavia. Together we bring world-class creativity, explosive production capacity and digital expertise.

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